Tutu obsession – No 59

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Remembering Carrie Bradshaw running around the streets of New York in her phenomenal tutu at the opening of Sex and the big city? How could I forget. Since then, stars like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and more have been observed adopting the ballerina look, but it seems that precisely meets the world of ballet ...

Street style: pleated metal – IMAHOTMAG

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The metal pleated skirt trend has been reported so with the start of the season. The trend is gaining momentum and the best fashionistas have been observed wearing the skirt in many variations. Five suffer should adopt. thank you to IMAHOTMAG for taking me as inspiration          

Under my skin – No 58

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have you ever thinking go outside the bed with you'r pajamas? well, lingerie has always been a favorite item in my drawer, and one of the items that i most  purchases, but i never imagined that this personal item that I used to wear at home, also come out to the streets.  lingerie has experienced a transformation like ...