Basic Mood – Post No 38

Glitter, sequins, plaid, stripes, one trend coming in ,other trend go out, but what will remain forever and always, but always be fashionable and full of style it’s the denim trend  who always give me the feeling that everything i put with him and combine together look as true as possible. 
No matter what my mood,the denim trend always gives me the relaxed feeling and improve my mood in one second..
So today it’ s actually not my best day, that’s why i decide to put my denim new skirt, white T-shirt , my little black scarf and stay up on my heels !
Enjoy my outfit
See you in my next post
Denim skirt / White t shirt / black scarf  –ZARA
Sandal – TOPSHOP
Handbag – ASOS

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