I’m planning my plaid day – post No11


hey you!!

do you see what I’m wearing?

hot plaid suit made from warn and cozy fabric, which I can choose wearing double sided: plaid color, and the gray color side.. actually I wait for those cold days to wear this suit! And today when I woke up I feel it’s time to put this on!  I decide to wear this with those gorge’s cream shoes because i want my attention will be on the suit, and not on the little other things, all do I love this shoes, and this red hat.. all those matches colors, makes me want more from this winter..

like what I wear here?

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see you next post

love you



pictures take by: Shaked levi

bilateral suit + wedge shoes + red hat+ gray clutch– personal import you can purchased at my place





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  • Morena
    March 5, 2016

    thank you

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