did you say spring! – post No12




girls girls  girls!!

I can’t believe I small spring! I know spring has come close ! I smell it, breath it, wear it ! and most, excited about

that! what a beautiful day!!

the truth spring is my favorite time in the year.. well you already know me and my big love for pastel colors,

they are soft and sweet, and on every occasion In which I have to choose between boring colors to those gorge’s

ice cream colors, it’s clear that this is not even a question!

my dear, this post was written specifically for you, for all those girls that is so hard for them to let the boring

colors go away, I mean from the standard colors, girls, black color is not necessarily more beautiful as you think,

and more then that ,  I tell you a secret, the colors tell us who we really are, our character, if we sad, happy, satisfy

or whatever  ! so promise me that the next time when you stand in front of you’re closet think twice which color

you should wear !


that’s it dear fashionistas

love you all



photo taken by- Shaked Levi

skirt + shirt + shoes- personal import

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