Holiday stories – Post 55

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3 years ago i had an amazing friend , his age was 92 ,Anyone who knows me knows how much I am attached to older people and how much empathy I have for them, He was one of my favorite gymnasts in my gym class for older people that i work, . In one of our training, we had a deep conversation about the meaning of life when he told me something I’ll never forget one:״ Never look back, always look forward to a place that only you believe it״, this sentence was etched deep into my memory and i dont know why but somehow it dosent live me, one month after he passed away,in his funeral i promised to take the sentence with me everywhere I’ll need it in life, especially for new beginnings where it really makes me stronger. since then every year specially in rosh Hashanah i try to wear classy outfit, one that symbolize elegance and power, So in the meantime this is my third year i continue in this tradition and will try to stick to it.

i wish you all best year with new beginnings and may all you’r dreams come true..

This post is dedicated to Daniel .

XOXO Morena











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