meet my Kimono – No 68

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WE all knows kimono from movies when we see some japanese warrior dressed in a kimono that looks like a rob, but it turns out not only them.

Kimonos were spotted all over the Spring 2017 runway shows, But I think a trend only becomes a truly hot one when it’s also seen in the form of street fashion. As we know, once a trend reaches the fashionable streets of New York, London, Paris and Milan, it pretty much gets catapulted to top of everyone’s “it list.”

what i loved it mos is the reason i can put it on any outfit i choose and it’s defentely solves me the problem what to wear, especially in the morning when we don’t have so much time to think you know.

so i have to share with you my special kimono that i purcheus two weeks ago, and i decided to combine with denim short, and swimsuit at the top, with littele band on my nack , one more favorite trend in this summer..

hope you like it

XOXO Morena



i’m wearing:

short jeans + kimono + nack band – ZARA

white swimsuit – asos

denim shoes – SHOEZ WEB STORE


pic by : Alon adar




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