Shoes you’r outfit – Post No 34

Hello my dear!

I’ve been missing you all! i’m sorry I’ve been gone fore two weeks, but i am back now!

do you feel this situation when your outfit looks little beet boring, so then you looking for this perfect item that change it and make this look gorgeas and interesting? well this is what i felt this morning, finding myself breaking my head trying to find the perfect item which give me the perfect chic that i was looking for!  For a moment I forgot all about those stunning leopard shoes that i purchase from dolce & gabbana,  until they suddenly popped out of the closet while they are screaming for me to wear them right away! of course i didn’t think twice and put them on my foot .. i’m sure my day will be look better now, because when i dress well, i feel well..

See you in my next post








12360379_925190804236874_7047828508211650445_n (1)


Shoesdolce&gabbana -( Amor boutique )

Skirt : mango

Jacket : ZARA

Handbag : personal import


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