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Casual but sporty, classic with a little bit urban, stripes, flowers, blue, red, black and everything that comes out of this one big milkshake, because after all who said that we must follow the rules right?
Just when the weather is playing with us when seasons change , morning, outside all in gray color, a sense of depression in the air, and me in front of my closet when the first thing I want to put on me is black or dark color, kind a sense of solidarity with the cool weather that comes in like in a moment. this time I did not let the weather overwhelm me, despite everything, I decided to combine different items that created  me a chic and interesting outfit that keep me (at least in thought) from my biggest enemy mine-winter!
Many times I’ve heard the same sentence: ״ Wow! what courage do you have to wear something like this! i would never wear that!”   So this is the moment when i fix this sentence,it’s not about courage, its about knowing the Combination game ,items that give you the unique, interesting and full of inspiration final look .

so the next time you thinking

hope you enjoy

XOXO Morena


I’m wearing total look – ZARA





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