Under my skin – No 58

have you ever thinking go outside the bed with you’r pajamas? well, lingerie has always been a favorite item in my drawer, and one of the items that i most  purchases, but i never imagined that this personal item that I used to wear at home, also come out to the streets.  lingerie has experienced a transformation like few other fashion categories, Chiffon, satin and lace — along with lots of skin it’s the new and my favorite trend for this year . Nothing is sexier than a hint of what’s underneath,So how to translate underthings into the everyday? To start, wash your mind of the thought that you’ll be heading to the cubicle in latex-wear For a runway to real life example consider the Charming bras that add an intentional, come-hither component when you allow the straps to peek out from under thin slip dresses. in winter 2017 this is a great time to step out of your comfort zone, even if your a natural girl. well, It turns out that my favorite pajama has become one of my favorite piece of clothing in my closet that i Most Wanted, in a casual day or evening event anything goes.


I’m wearing:

lace dress – ZARA

top & bottom – hm

sunglasses- personal import

handbag- MANGO









img_1903 img_1774 img_1703

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