Holiday spirit- Independence day

white makes me happy!

Hello girls, in this post you will see my biggest love for white color!

I am so excited this holiday come you have no idea! Those who do not know is the holiday that marks the birthday of   my gorgeous country! Israel!
Holiday spirit and  spring weather always make me want to wear white!
So girls, in this post you see my outfit that includesperfect  gdabia dress of the legendary designer DODO” which  she cold Dorit Bar Or, Zara’s sandal in my opinion is no less then perfect, i decide to put leopard clutch to make my outfit look the most chic..

so what do you waiting for?  You should therefore adopt this look, it’s suitable not only for girls like me, but fuller girls, for the spectacle of clothing was problematic areas blurs ..
Of course it is important to choose the right clothing so you don’t  look too big ..

this is it for now my loves! see you in my next post..

hope you enjoy like me

with love



– dress- DODO – Dorit bar-or

– sandal- ZARA

– clutch and gold ring – Asaf & Tomer



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