Styling Workshop Marina’s bachelorette party- post No 17

hello girls!!

you know were I’ve been on Friday ?  Last Friday I took part in at marina bachelorette party, and I did them fun styling workshop and refreshing with all the things that girls like best!
After all, what’s better then clothes, snacks, best friends, , be a little drunk and of course me!!

I do not know if I said so, but apart from being a fashion blogger and the owner of the brand clothes: Cupcake of glam,   I never less than a fashion stylist and image consultant, one of the most favorite works! in My portfolio I give workshops and lectures at various events such as: company event, bachelorette party, women personal event and more..I had the pleasure to please this bride before her wedding and make her this day be the happiest day ever!!

here you can see a littele taste from this fun evening ..

for more deatails , please contact me :


phone- +972-506966656


see you in my next post

with love







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